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the UAS (Union of Architects in Suriname)

was founded on july 30,1981 by a group of 7 young architects.

The Union stands for:

- the propagation of good architecture in Suriname, well-adapted to local climate and conditions.
- improvement and protection of the architect's profession.

During the past years, the Union has strived to achieve its goals by organizing a great variety of activities:

1989 - project: ideas & designs for tourist facilities in the interior of Suriname.

A design folio with contributions of all UAS members, presenting fresh architectural ideas on tourism.

1990 - project: restoration of the Nepveu monumental building

After a fire had swept the attic of this unique 1774 monument, the UAS has - free of charge - provided all necessary drawings and documents to make possible a complete restoration. Restoration was well under way in 1996, when the building was completely destroyed due to another fire that had begun at the windward neighbor.

1992 - exhibition: "Now or Never!"

an exhibition to create attention for the beauty - but also the decay - of the unique wooden historic district of Paramaribo.
It was accompagnied by a short movie on architectural heritage. The exhibition traveled to French-Guyana in november 1992.

1992 - Code of good professional behaviour for architects

On June 11th, 1992, all members of the UAS adopted the "gedragsregels van de Unie van Architecten in Suriname", a code of conduct for architects.

1992 - terms of reference for an independent authority to manage the country's architectural heritage.

This initiative has eventually resulted in the foundation of the SGES, the "Stichting Gebouwd Erfgoed Suriname", soon to be followed by the National Authority for monumental buildings and sites.

1993 - Lecture and workshop on town planning: "Paramaribo, a vision of a river city"

a workshop to develop fresh ideas for the development of the city's riverfront on an urban scale.

1996 - seminar: Our Architectural Heritage, how to go on ?

an international seminar on the preservation and management of the historic architecture in Suriname. The seminar was accompagnied by two architectural exhibitions

1998 - decree concerning the obligatory selection of a licenced architect for all construction projects exceeding 120 m2 floor area.

At the instigation of the UAS, the Surinamese government decided to proclaim the above decree. As the supporting legislation has not yet come into effect, the decree has not yet altered everyday's practice.

1998 - seminar: Paramaribo, a city with a future

A seminar on the legislation for the protection of architectural heritage. The seminar was accompagnied by an exhibition.

1982 - present - numerous lectures on various subjects, e.g. recent architecture, computerisation of the architect's office, etc, etc.

Besides major events, the UAS members has participated in all major initiatives for the national construction sector, among these:

- national committee for the regulation of copyright protection.

- national commitee for the regulation of the construction sector.

- national comittee for the regulation of the architect's profession.

On a regular basis, the UAS has participated in international events of the UIA (Union des Architectes Internationale) and the FPAA (federacion panamericanas asociaciones de arquitectos).

Currently, the UAS has 24 members, representing the majority of all architects working in Suriname.

Globalisation and Changing technology impose new challenges upon the architect's profession. The UAS recognizes this challenge, and will answer it as always: by providing a platform for the discussion of new ideas and visions. A platform for its members, but more important: for the Surinamese society as a whole.

And it is fun to do, too

Paramaribo, july 4th 2005
Derrick Emanuels, chairman
Oliver Smith. secretary
Philip Dikland, treasurer



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